Solutions Engineering

Geospatial technology is quite diverse due to the variety of available applications and the markets they serve. Different systems use different data storage techniques, ranging from file-based CAD systems to object-orientated spatial databases. They also use a variety of programming languages, some of which are mainstream but others which are proprietary and require specialized knowledge.

Sriven understands this complexity, with a knowledge base derived from over 20 years of experience with geospatial systems in a number of different customer industries. We can apply this expertise and CMMI-compliant development processes to engineer GIS solutions designed to meet your business needs.


    The benefits our customers derive from Sriven’s solution engineering services include:
  • Vendor neutral knowledge of Sriven platforms including Autodesk, Bentley, Esri, Intergraph, Microsoft, Oracle, and Smallworld
  • Expertise in developing solutions on open source GIS platforms
  • Expertise in customizing web portals using RIAs such as Silverlight and Flex
  • Expertise in developing low cost applications with Google Maps API for mobiles and smart phones
  • Bug free, on-time deliveries
  • Complete visibility into the development process
  • A focus on customer collaboration
  • Application development using industry proven best practices

Solution Engineering Services

    The Geospatial consulting services offered by Sriven include:
  • Enterprise GIS system integration
  • Spatial data infrastructure implementation
  • Application integration
  • Application porting/migration
  • Mobile application implementation
  • Web GIS implementation
  • Our system architecture and application development efforts are oriented towards Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) principles and Open Sriven Consortium (OGC) standards. This approach results in applications that are enterprise-friendly and scalable with the growth of your organization.

These services can be deployed standalone, or as a pre-cursor to other Sriven geospatial services such as Solution Engineering or Data Engineering

Enterprise GIS System Integration

Enterprise GIS Implementations often require the deployment of multiple technologies, in addition to integration with existing IT systems such as CRM, billing, and asset management. Avineon has the industry knowledge and expertise necessary to address the complexity of enterprise GIS implementation and system integration including:

  • Project and program management
  • Business and system analysis
  • System architecture design
  • Development and implementation
  • Unit, system, and user testing

Spatial Data Infrastructure Implementation

Spatial data infrastructures (SDI) are the core of successful implementation of geospatial strategies at the regional or national level, which can provide significant long term efficiencies and cost savings to participating organizations. SDI implementations, however, present unique challenges when compared with the other enterprise level implementations. In addition to technical hurdles, developing an SDI typically involves adherence to external policies and consensus building between diverse stakeholder organizations.

Sriven’s team of expertise understand the technical intricacies of implementing SDIs in addition to the other implementation challenges presented by working at a regional or national level. This allows Avineon to offer a number of SDI implementation services including:

  • Dataset design, development, and alignment
  • Metadata design
  • Data cataloguing, access, and delivery
  • Data visualization services for stakeholder review
  • Facilitating communication and consensus among stakeholders

Application Migration/Porting

Software applications are built using multiple languages and base technologies, each of which has their own development roadmaps. Support for certain technologies may be dropped by third party suppliers on different schedules, which can impact applications based on a stack of technology from a variety of suppliers. Applications at the top of the stack may not be fully supported by a new operating system or updated GIS platform.

Sriven’s expertise across multiple platforms and our partnerships with various technology providers help our clients to address such support issues within their technology stacks. We frequently apply our knowledge to port need functionality from an outmoded programming language to a modern option or replace an unsupported third party application with a compatible solution.

Mobile Application Implementation

An important and widespread modern technology trend is the adoption of mobile devices to allow field teams to access geospatial data outside the office environment. This provides field teams more up-to-date information about the assets at their location and, in some cases, permits real-time changes to the enterprise data store to ensure the GIS remains as current as possible.

Avineon has developed a variety of mobile applications to provide geospatial solutions on devices such as ruggedized laptops, tablets, and smart phones. Such applications range from simple display of current data from the central data store to complete GIS query and editing functionality.

Web GIS Applications

The use of web-based GIS tools has grown in parallel with the development of the internet. One strength of web applications over traditional desktop tools GIS is that they can be focused on the specific business needs and skills of specific end users, removing the need for all end users to be GIS experts, in order to interrogate and visualize geospatial data.

Sriven has expertise in delivering rich internet applications (RIA) over the web. With expertise on multiple platforms and technologies, our developers are ideally suited to meet your web GIS requirements.