Cloud Computing

Cloud computing permits resources stored within a cloud to be accessed freely from any computer connected to it. This makes cloud computing highly effective in reducing redundancy of infrastructure and sharing business data and related services.  

Sriven understands that offering cloud computing services, whether in the government or commercial sector, requires thorough knowledge of security and business-related issues that our clients may face. To that end, we employ highly experienced professionals, who can flawlessly analyze your cloud computing needs, design comprehensive technical solutions, and implement them in compliance with your business policies. 

Cloud Sercurity

Our professionals analyze the security and business needs of the client. The data generated from the analysis is then used to decide on an effective approach that balances the need to maintain proper security with the client’s requirements for the cloud computing service, application, or data.

Cloud Application Design and Development

Sriven has been providing cutting-edge IT solutions to clients for more than 20 years. We understand how to properly match the use of technology with business needs of clients. Our software development life cycle has been applied to numerous state-of-the-art technologies, and cloud computing is another advancement in that direction for which our developers are well-suited.

Private Cloud Data Integration and Exchange

Transferring business logic and related data to cloud-based environments is one step in ensuring proper storage and reuse of enterprise resources. Our highly skilled professionals are capable of connecting disparate data sources and ensuring that business logic can be freely shared within all divisions of your organization