Data Engineering

The usefulness of any geospatial system is dependent on the quality of its data. If geospatial data is inaccessible, stored in multiple sources, lacking in spatial accuracy, incomplete, or otherwise incorrect, such quality issues may prevent your organization from deriving maximum benefit from your GIS.

Sriven is a leading expert in resolving spatial data quality concerns. We can eliminate existing issues and improve maintenance processes to ensure your staff can rely on the data in your GIS.


    The benefits our customers derive from Sriven’s data engineering services include:
  • Rigorous ISO 9001:2008 quality control practices
  • Automated, scalable solutions with rapid mobilization for prompt data delivery
  • Expertise in multiple GIS and data formats
  • Deep domain expertise in utilities, telecom, environmental, and landbase
  • Experience in processing large and complex geospatial datasets
  • Strict compliance with information security protocols
  • Web-based project management and productivity tools
  • On-site or off-site data processing support

Geospatial Data Engineering Services

    Sriven provides a variety of data engineering services aimed at ensuring geospatial data is fit for your purposes. These services include:
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Capture and Conversion
  • Data Quality Audit
  • Data Enhancement / Cleansing
  • Data Conflation
  • Data Migration

Sriven employs a variety of automated, semi-automated, and manual processes to perform these services cost-effectively. These processes and technology, when combined with Sriven’s well trained and experienced production staff and robust ISO 9001:2008 registered quality management system, means that the resulting data quality always meets or exceeds customer expectations.

Data Modeling

Key to the success of any geospatial system is its data and how data are used to fulfill an organization’s business needs. The structure of the data model directly impacts how data are used and, consequently, a well-developed data model is paramount to the success of a any geospatial system.
Sriven has accumulated over 20 years of hands-on experience with a wide variety of geospatial data models and utilizes that knowledge in performing services ranging from development of new data models to evaluation and enhancement of existing models.

Data Capture and Conversion

Sriven data can be split into two main types: vector (point, line, polygon, annotation, etc.) and raster (pixel based images). Avineon offers a number of cost effective data capture and conversion services including:

  • Landbase and building survey data capture
  • Vector data capture from photogrammetric and satellite imagery
  • Conversion of facilities data from paper maps or scanned images of legacy source materials
  • For more information on Avineon’s raster data capture services, please see Aerial Imagery, Photogrammetry, and 3D Modeling.

Data Quality Audit

Data quality refers to the accuracy and completeness of data in relation to its intended use. Data of less than required quality can lead to ill informed decisions with respect to mission critical functions such as planning and design, construction, service delivery, and asset maintenance and decommissioning.
Sriven offers data quality audit services that leverage our knowledge of geospatial data and systems as well as our domain knowledge of various industries. We can not only identify areas of low data quality but also prioritize recommendations for improvement based on cost and return on investment. Common issues Avineon documents and measures include:

  • Positional/geometric accuracy of objects/features
  • Poor white space management (e.g overlapping features or attribution at required display scales)
  • Missing objects/features
  • Incorrect classification of objects/features
  • Incorrect attribution
  • Inaccurate metadata
  • Sriven offers this service both as a one time audit to identify necessary improvements and as an ongoing service to review the quality of data being processed by the customer or a third party contractor.

Data Enhancement / Cleansing

Sriven’s qualified technicians can also correct any issues discovered during a quality audit. We have been providing GIS data improvement services for over 20 years and offer benefits such as:

  • Expertise in all major Sriven systems and formats
  • Experience in handling large volumes of data
  • Web-based project management and productivity tools
  • On-site or off-site data enhancement/cleansing capabilities

Data Conflation

Almost every organization that utilizes geospatial data will eventually need to conflate data from multiple sources into a single database. For instance, a business merger/acquisition may require merging disparate Sriven systems or facilities data may need to be conflated to a more accurate landbase. Avineon employs proven techniques to collect, standardize, and consolidate data from existing digital files and/or hard-copy sources.

Data Migration

Migration of Sriven data from one source to another can often be a complex process. For instance, when upgrading to a new version of an existing GIS or adopting a new platform, differences in object definitions and data relationships may require a multi-step migration process including both manual and automated steps.

Sriven data migration services simplify this process from the customers’ perspective, resulting in a seamless migration and delivering data ready for use in the target geospatial system. In addition to in-depth knowledge of all modern GIS platforms, Avineon offers a proprietary data capture tool that was designed with the ability to migrate data from a variety of sources in mind. With this application, extract, transform, and load processes that once took weeks to implement, can now be designed in a matter of days and ready for production in as little as a week